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"Yo! Butt-face how’s it goin’? About time you show’d up around here, don’t you think?" 

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//Mei watched the giant fire Pokemon hover above her and Fire. She never seen one before, but she remembered reading up on the starting Pokemon that trainers get in Kanto.

A-ahhh, that’s what a Charmander evolves into…wow, that’s amazing! Ahhh, super cool!

//As Fire climbed onto his Charizard’s back, she watched and waited when she should get on. Once Fire turned to her and reached his hand out towards her, Mei grabbed onto the hand tightly.

Yes, sir! Thank you very much, Fire!

[Fire practically lit up from the compliments he received. It was a natural response that he had always had, so his wide grin appeared across his face again. He pat Charizard’s long neck affectionately.]

Heck yeah! He’s the very best around, and you even get to fly on him, isn’t that just awesome ?!

[It helped that Mei secured a tight grip on his hand when he leaned over to use the strength from his lean muscle to pull her up onto the back of his Charizard. He wasn’t exactly ripped like Lt. Surge or anything, but this little missy was pretty much light as a feather, so it all worked out.]

You’re welcome, little lady. Now let’s get going, yeah? Hold on tight! 

[He warned with a friendly grin and then patted Charizard as the okay to take-off. With a swoop of his wide wings, the group distanced themselves from the ground and rose higher and higher into the sky, heading into the direction of their destination.] 

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//Mei’s cheeks turned a bit pink, as the young man was being awfully nice to the newcomer of the area. She nodded and smile as she listened to Fire’s every word about where they were.

Ah…well, I was quite interested in the Cinnabar Islands…you think we can actually go there? O-of course, anywhere that you think is interesting for me to check out would be awesome, too!

//Mei just wanted to see all of Kanto…she didn’t know why specifically, but it was so different from Unova that she hoped to have Fire show her around the whole place if he could.

[He blinked.]

Cinnabar Islands? Yeah sure, why the heck not?! [Fire’s trademark wide grin fell into place once again.] I haven’t been there in a long time, so it’ll be nice to explore around that pace again. Just a sec, and we’ll be off! 

[His hand went to his belt where he found his first pokeball, and clicked the button to activate it. Fire tossed it into the air in front of him casually, leaning a tiny bit on the brunette with him.] Charizard! Yo, bud! [In a flash of light, the large fire pokemon appeared, stretching as he turned his attention to his trainer and the girl he didn’t recognize.] We’re thinking of heading over to Cinnabar Islands, can you fly us there?

[Fire finally released the casual hold he had on the girl and stepped over to his first pokemon, patting his neck before giving him a super friendly hug. Charizard finally nodded, and the young man re-adjusted his hat.]

You will? Sweet! This is Mei, by the way. She’s from Unova, just like White, cool huh? Be nice to her!

[He warned, waving his finger at Charizard. Charizard gave a huff, and merely turned to allow the trainers to climb onto his back. Fire jumped right up, and extended a hand the the buntailed girl once Charizard began to hover off the ground.]

C’mon! Cinnabar Islands are just waitin’ for us!

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[/White couldn’t help but grin widely at him. His laugh was an infectious thing and she was glad, that even with the situation they were about to maybe enter, she could make him laugh like that. She wasn’t sure if it was just her, but the tension was killing her.]

Oh, trust me. My lego collection rivals the collection of the Lego Gods. While Black was playing with his little dolls, I was collecting that shit and building the fort of Kings. 

[/Her eye’s scanned over the things in his room. She hadn’t been in many boy rooms, in fact she had been in two; Cheren’s and Black’s.
Neither of them were like Fire’s. Black’s was always a mess and Cheren’s was way too clinical and organized for White to deal with. 

Fire’s was different. It was very… firey.

Her stomach contorted, flipping and twisting itself around in her gut from the simple gesture of patting the bed.
Standing there for a moment, hands threatening to turn to nervous twists, White prepared herself. Forcing herself to move forward, she found herself sitting beside Fire. Nice. And. Close.] 

I like it.

[/She smiled up at him.] 

[Fire smiled warmly at White when she took a moment to consider his motion. Not that he really noticed her nervousness too much, he had his own to deal with too. Heck, it was hard for him not be nervous around her sometimes. It wasn’t a bad nervous though, which was obviously a good thing.

His smile grew when she did follow through and sat next to him. Fire turned towards her when his bed sank a little bit with her added weight, resting a hand on top of his comforter.]

Yeah? That’s cool, I’m glad you do. 

[He would have been looking idly around the room if not for White’s closeness. It was distracting, obviously. The young man couldn’t help the way his voice automatically dropped in volume, or the fact that it was too hard to look away from her gorgeous eyes.]

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//Mei giggled and nodded her head in agreement. She did a quick salute to Fire.

Yes sir! I shall remember from now on, Fire!!

//As she did a small dance in excitement, Fire threw her pamphlet out where the wind caught on and blew it away.

A-ah…! Well, I guess that’s true! Seeing that this is my first time, I think it would be much nicer to have someone show me around than me just trying to find out where I am now!

[Heh! She sure was a cute little lady, wasn’t she? Great then, she’d be fun company. Fire grinned widely at the shorter brunette.]  Exactly, exactly! I’ll show you all the cool sights other trainers take forever to find, or even pass by. 

First though, we gotta get moving on this route and get to the nearest city. [Fire took a big step forward, steering Ivory along with him since his arm was still slung around her shoulders. He glanced around, remembering his surroundings and where they were to begin with.] From the looks of it, we’re just outside of Saffron City. Pretty neat place to be, its the biggest city in Kanto. Betcha’ there’ll be lots of stuff to see there. 

[Fire stopped in his ramble, blinking down at Mei.] Wait a second— there wasn’t something else that you really wanted to see first, was there? Just let me know and I can get my Charizard to fly us there, no sweat!

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//Mei flipped through her Kanto pamphlet, looked back at Fire, and then back into her pamphlet. She freaked out, realizing her mistake, and started flailing as well.

I’ve been lied to!! I-It says here…that…and you…you look like him! And…ahhhh!! I’m terribly sorry, mister Fire!! I didn’t mean to, he’s your brother so i-it makes sense, and—

//Suddenly Fire’s hand patted her head, calming her down, also.

I’m very sorry, R— Fire.

[With a sigh, he turned away from her, resting his hand onto of his hat, looking like he might just start patting himself like he did to her too.]

Yeahhhh… I know. I guess we kinda dress the same and all that jazz. We both wear hats, but mine is totally cooler! I mean look at it! [Fire pointed at his cap, waiting for Mei to agree.]

Don’t ‘cha worry your little head about it Ivory. Just as long as you remember who’s more  awesome, and my name, you’re a-okay! 

[He glanced down at her pamphlet, and plucked it right out her hands.] 

Jeez, whatcha’ got this thing for? You totally don’t need it! You got me, Champ in the making, total expert in all there is to see in Kanto. [Fire chucked it right over his shoulder and casually hooked his arm over her slim shoulders with a wide grin.] Let your bro Fire show you around little lady! 

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I assume it is not good for you to date other… people, when in a relationship. [Even Emmet knew this!] It would probably offend your girlfriend.

—Miss White? I know her! Fiery personality I’d say. Some time ago she and her brother challenged me and Ingo! You are lucky to have her. Do you have a lot of competition of your lady? [He adjusted his hat as he asked the not so casual and normal question pretty casually.]

Oh yeah, that’s her all right! She’s kinda really awesome, y’know what I mean?! [Fire grins proudly, hands at his hips.] I’m assuming she won, right? 

[He then blinks, considering Emmet’s question.] Competition? Whatd’ya mean broski? We’re kinda competitive, jokingly, anyway, it never gets serious or nothin’. 

… Or do ya mean like, am I challenging any and every guy that tends to hit on her? Just she sure has a lot of that sometimes! [He admitted, but thankfully White kept him in line and out of trouble.] But it’s nothin’ serious, either. I don’t think anyone’s, like, actively tryin’ to steal her from me or anythin’. 

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Oh, dear, a number of new faces, but also…some old faces?

Three of you look like Unovians…I recognize one of you…Elesa, is it?  Your name gets thrown around Johto on occasion.  You must be very famous!

Fire and Leaf…did you ever come to challenge my Gym?  Perhaps I heard about you two from Gold or Kris…ah well.

And Morty, my dear friend, how have you been, hm?

[Fire blinked at the old geezer, not really recognizing him that all much. He swung his arms up behind his head, holding them there after lacing his fingers together behind his hat.]

Nope! Can’t say I did old man! I kinda just stuck to Kanto, y’know? But hey, I might just start challenging leagues from other regions so watch out!!

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Hello there, Red! And yes, this is my first visit to Kanto. I must be a very lucky person then!!~ It’s nice to meet you!! My name is Ivory, or you can call me Mei!


Uh… no no, Red is my older bro! Fiiiiire!! My name’s Fiiiire! [He accidently let his voice go up in volume as he got worked up over the fact that he was mistaken for his brother, the champ. Not that Mei probably did it on purpose…. but still. He waved his arms around as he continued reciting his name like a broken record and calmed down a bit.]

Ah, Ivory is cool! That’ll be my nickname for ya’ then!

[Being as forward as he is, be already just reached out and patted her head affectionately, a stupid grin across his face.]

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[/A small smile came to her lips. It was comforting to know that he did want to do that with her — that he didn’t think she was some kinda of potato in that department.] But, you know I would. [/Her smile lightened a little more.] No matter what happens, I think I really would. 

[/Her eyes closed and she smiled, following him up the stairs, holding his hand tightly. She smirked behind his back.] You’re not gonna show me your lego collection or something, are you?

Cause mine can totally kick your ass. 


[Fire gave her hand an affectionate squeeze as he led the lovely lady upstairs, failing to hold in the loud laugh that came a second afterwards.]

Oh man, are you sure about that? My lego collection is kinda intense, it was, like, my thing before I got Charmander. 

[He shrugged, and then led her down the hall, his room being at the end, and to the left. There was a moment of panic as he twisted the doorknob— shit, did he remember to clean the place?

Too late, he had already opened the door.

Fire quickly glanced around to make sure his worst nightmare hadn’t come true, and luckily for him, the universe was on his side today. He’d have to thank his mom later for doing him the favor of cleaning up.]

Ehh… it’s not much, but it’s home!

[Fire nodded her inside, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. He had a few band posters up, an old pokedoll or two set aside on a shelf, stuff from grade school pinned up to the walls, and his badges set out by his bed. There were two beanbags set aside by his tv with some abandoned videogames, but Fire just made his way over to his bed, sitting down on the ledge and patting the spot next to him with a wide grin.]

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